It’s been way too long since I last updated this site.  Time flies, things change and 2014 has been a whirlwind year.  I got engaged to the woman of my dreams, hosted a kick-ass wedding social (it’s a Winnipeg thing), laid to rest my beloved grandpa Gerald Hallick and designed a lot!  Suffice to say, lots of ups and downs, but I think 2015 is going to be an even better.  I’m going to try and stay off the internet more and more, try to live in the “real world”, and spend more time with my wife-to-be.  Which means this site may be even less active (if that’s even possible?).

I thought I would share this baseball card design from a few years ago.  It was my grandpa’s 85th birthday and the St. Louis Cardinals (his favourite team) won the World Series that year.  Oddly enough, they also won the World Series the same the year he was born (1926).  He must be their good luck charm.

I’m definitely gonna miss his quiet wisdom and sense of humour, but I can find solace in the fact that he lived a full life and spent the majority of it (61 years!) married to the love of his life, Shirley.

R.I.P. Gerald “Grandpa” Hallick – 1926-2014